iOS/Android Application

We've built an application where you can add your wishes! Now your friends will always know what will make you happy. You won’t have to scratch your head over what to do with yet another coffeemaker, blanket and the twentieth scarf. You think that it is yet another Wish List? You’re wrong!

Yes, the idea itself is not new but its implementation may be different. Our advantages can be counted on the fingers of one hand:

1. You don’t have to create another account—the registration procedure is performed via your telephone number.
2. Using your telephone number will help filter out the people you don’t need—your gifts are shown only if you are in your friend’s phone book.
3. We are the only ones who have a Joint Purchase option with a chat feature for discussion.
4. There’s a surprise element—your friend won’t know who booked the gift until you give it to him/her!
5. And the app is forget-proof! It is for those who booked a gift but did not bother to give it.

We value your opinion and we would appreciate for your feedback via the form in Settings menu of Personal account.

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