iPhone application

So you come to Home Depot, go to the lighting department and frown at the shelves trying to recall what type of light bulb and for which socket you need to buy instead of the dead one that you threw away in the morning. After some unnerving strolling along the shelves and purchasing several types of bulbs, you come home to find out that you got the bulb and socket types right, but the light itself isn’t exactly what you need and the thing sticks out too much, and it makes you MAD…
Sounds familiar?
Given the diversity of lighting devices in an average household and the creativity of manufacturers, this problem becomes increasingly serious, since it’s absolutely impossible to memorize the locations and types of all light bulbs in a house. We want to confess – we had the same problems, which is why we decided to make this app that saves tons of money and nerve cells.

Bulbes is a database of light bulbs that will help you catalog all of them in your apartment or house. Break your home into rooms, create devices or objects – do whatever you want to make light bulb selection and replacement convenient and stress-free. The main thing is that the app is so easy to use that you simply cannot get lost in it. As usual, we welcome and appreciate our users’ feedback regarding improvements, so please feel free to contact us.

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